Nebraska – Striving to be one of the most fair and impartial courts in the country
Let's make it happen.


Nebraska's court system is recognized as one of the finest in America and Nebraska's fair and impartial judges are a major reason why. Nebraska's merit selection and retention process are key to maintaining our fair and impartial courts.

To safeguard fairness and impartiality, voters must make informed decisions in judicial retention elections. In a year marked by an anti-incumbent sentiment, voters need access to information resources before they go to the polls in November.


If political money enters the courts, a citizen's perception of a fair and impartial day in court may be in jeopardy - particularly if the opposing party is politically influential or made donations to the judge or justice.

Nebraskans for Fair and Impartial Courts educates voters about our merit selection and retention process. NFIC does not advocate for a yes or no vote for any specific judge or justice.

Fair and Free

PBS Report

Interview with Jeffrey Toobin. Focuses on the relationship between money and judicial elections: